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Radioamator OH9FTW My favorite hobby

QO-100 Satellite Station OH9FTW

General info
Official satellite name: Es'hail-2. The radio amateurs (AMSAT) designated it Qatar Oscar 100 (QO-100).
Satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Weight: 5300 kg
Launched: 15-November-2018 by SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.
Amateur radio service was opened on 14-February-2019
Orbit: Geostationary

Transponders: NarrowBand (250 kHz bandwidth), and WideBand

(8 MHz bandwidth).
Web-SDR for NB transponder:
Web-SDR for WB transponder:
More info:

Receive chain
The signal from the satellite's narrowband transponder is received on 10.489 GHz. This signal is mixed with the local oscillator (9.75 GHz) in the LNB, and the IF frequency is 739 MHz. The IF is forwarded to the SDR dongle where it is decoded and displayed. The Bias-T supplies power to the LNB while being transparent to RF.

Satellite dish
My dish is a 90 cm offset dish


This version of DJ7GP's 2.4 / 10 Ghz dual band antenna is ready for use in RX and TX.

Transmit chain

KENWOOD TS-2000 transmits on 432 MHz. The transverter converts the signal from 432 MHz to 2400 MHz at 2 W.

13 cm transverter was made by SG Laboratory Ltd in Bulgaria. The model is TR2300 . It is delivered assembled and tested from the factory. 

RX QO-100
My dish is a 90 cm
13 cm transverter
Transverter TR2300
My mobile version mounted on a car GAZ-66
oh9ftw radioamator
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